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What are the top 10 penpals website on internet?

After invented internet then social media, people start use it socially. Social base of web, connect people easily. Old habits become new experiences with technology. After that some of social penpals website open and people use it for finding penpals in worldwide.

With this article i will tell you about most popular penpals websites.

Ok, lets we start with the most popular one.

1 - It is interpals.net

Interpals is the most popular penpals website on internet. With similarweb and alexa datas show us, internet is the most popular penpal community on internet. With more than 4 million registered users, interpals visit by people more than 10 million different user in a month. Daily visitors are more than 350 k people, also they open more than 170 million pages in a month. A user open exactly 17 pages in visit.

You can visit them with this link -> https://www.interpals.net

2- Second one is penpalworld.com

Penpalworld has a long history, it has more than 2 million members. In a month 1 million visits come there and nearly 10 million page views happen. Their users mostlu from USA also lots of european countries people come there too.

You can visit them with this link - > http://www.penpalworld.com

3 Third one is Penpalsnow

When you read penpalsnow, mostly understand penpal snow but their right usage is penpals now. They are not too much visit, it is nearly 80 k in a month. It’s mean daily 2.5 k people visit them. They have 30 k ads,. they called member with creating ads for finding penpals.

You can visit them with this link - > https://www.penpalsnow.com

4 The other is Penpaland.

Penpaland is losing their passione in this area, 44k users in a month show they are going down for stats.

You can visit them with this link - > https://www.penpaland.com

5- Hipenpal is very popular in korea

They have 1.7 million visits in a month at it means nearly 10 million page views. Mostly users from japan and korea. But website is really hard to use.

You can visit them with this link - > http://www.hipenpal.com

6- Penpals.pl

Penpals pl is very old penpals site. They are losing passion too. But they have more than 40 k visits in a month. But they are going down because of their web designs. Also members mails leak is problem for them. Nearly 10 k member are here.

You can visit them with this link - > http://www.penpals.pl/friends

7- Penpal Tradition is very old one too.

They have very bad looking design but they have nearly 10 k visits in a month. But they are losing hit day by day.

You can visit them with this link - > http://penpal-tradition.net

8- Global Penfriends are new from them. They have nearly 300 k visits in a month. They have simple design but not modern one. But they are going to popular day to day.

You can visit them with this link - > https://www.globalpenfriends.com

9- One of new one is ibaddy.com,

When ibaddy created, there is really big opportunity in this area, they have gain experiences day to day. Nearly 4 k people visit in a month also they are only 3 months old. They are going well and will be star of the penpal sector. They create new android app for users. You can use that very easily

You can visit them with this link - > https://www.ibaddy.com

10- Letspal is one of penpals site. They have 20 k visitors in a month. They use strange social media script. But people love it. They are new in the sector too.

You can visit them with this link - > https://www.letspal.com