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How to get a penpal?

It is easier than before with new technology. Most of internet users on the world are mobile users. Mobile users have internet connections everywhere. Any websites and mobile apps help to you for find new penpals.

Also you have solution like ancient times. There is some websites about penpal’s email listing. But this one is little tricky. You have very big volume spam messages another days, because lots of scammers follow these websites for find new target.

Firstly, they talk with you female or mail soldiers, after that they want money or more specific things. Exactly all of that scammers are bad people, they steal your time. Also they will steal your informations.

Be careful for that bad guys and don’t give your email or mobile numbers to these ancient sites. Nobody looking new penpal with this system anymore.

But you can try mobile apps, lots of that programs are secured from spammers, you can flagged or blocked them easily. Also system admin can delete these account like our website.

In our site we have algorithm for that, remove users pretend live another country. For example some Nigerian people try to pretend they live in Usa or Canada.

Also web version of our system is based with similar system, nobody see you email if you don’t give yourself. Our secured system will help you everytime.