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How can you find worldwide penpals easily?

Looking for penpals on the world, easier than before at that times. In an old times, people were trying to find penpals via some visits. For example one man make trip to africa and find new people and get address from them.

Later when he returns to his country write back to him or her. But now with a technology there is lots of apps for it. But they are similar for quick message. Just write and get back with tiny sentences. But if you want to write big letter to people via email. You can register some sites for it.

There is not too much selection for it, you can use penpalsnow and ibaddy for it. Penpalsnow basically work like an adverts website. ibaddy was very functional for messaging, also you can use their android app for another actions.

With new site ibaddy.com you can find penpals easily. Now ibaddy have more than 450 people from 100 countries. In some way you can find your soul mate or bf/gf too.

Some letters turn to a love story that is human nature, but first of all you can aware for scammers. Please don’t send money or another objects to people which you met in near time. For them you need to setup friends culture.

Good luck for all!